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KIP America Wide Format


The KIP 3100 is a powerful new digital copy, print & scan system designed to provide high productivity and superior image quality at significantly reduced operational expense. Copies, prints or scans - KIP 3100 image quality makes wide format technical communications clear and effective.


The KIP 5000 Series is a range of versatile digital imaging systems to provide a combination of peak demand productivity and superior image quality to satisfy demanding document imaging environments.

7700 & 7900 Systems

KIP 7700/7900 Series Systems are exceptionally powerful print, copy and scan systems designed to provide medium to high demand users with the ultimate in advanced technology, superior image quality and reliable performance.

9900 System

The KIP 9900 System sets a new standard for top quality high demand printing of technical documents. The system delivers nonstop production levels with razor sharp line detail, superior half tones and smooth gradients while decreasing operational and ownership costs.