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Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta bizhub C200

The Konica Minolta bizhub C200 is the ideal business multifunction printer for small-to-mid-size offices, branch locations, departments and workgroups. With its sleek styling, compact footprint and center-office design the bizhub C200 gives everyone quick access to greater document power and productivity with print, scan, and copy capabilities.

  • 20 ppm print output in both color and black & white to keeps work flowing. Plus, scanning at up to 40 opm in B&W, 20 opm in color to bring information into your system faster.

  • Options to grow your business are built in to your business multifunction printer -- including reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) and auto duplex options, optional cassettes for increased paper capacity up to 3,350 sheets and Job Separator tray for additional output options.

  • Other features include:

    • Built-in Emperon Print System for seamless print/scan integration, with PCL 5e/c, PCL XL v3.0 and PS3 (3015) emulation.

    • Secure Print function to protect data, Account Track to manage accounts, Super G3 Fax/Internet Fax/IP Address Fax for all-in-one productivity.

    • The bizhub C200 business multifunction printer is Energy Star compliant.
A cost-effective business multifunction printer. The Konica Minolta bizhub C200 business multifunction printer is an ideal replacement for your current printer/copier -- allowing you to scan, save, share, then print and copy at up to 20 pages per minute in high-impact color or cost-efficient B&W.

Powerful built-in Emperon® printing. Full print/scan/copy productivity right out of the box, with PCL 5e/c, PCL XL v.3.0, and PS3 (3015) emulation.

Simple touch-screen control panel. Simple icons help every operator scan, print and fax more quickly -- and tilting design (without a handle) provides Section 508 compliance for all employees.

Fast scanning to multiple destinations. Scan documents at up to 40 originals per minute (opm) in B&W, 20 opm in color -- with Scan-to-Email to make document distribution quick and simple, and Multi-Method Send for greater flexibility in sharing information.

Expandable paper capacity. The bizhub C200 features a 250-sheet standard paper capacity that expands to a maximum of 3,350 sheets with optional cassettes.

Large sizes and heavy stock. Load and auto-duplex up to 140 lb. index stock in all trays, load up to 100 sheets in manual bypass, print on envelopes or coated paper, and output 11" x 17" originals on 12" x 18" paper to preserve color bars, crop marks and margins.

Reversing ADF & Auto Duplexing options. Copy originals faster using your business multifunction printer with a smooth-running Reversing Auto Document Feeder option -- and add an Auto Duplexing option to save paper by printing on both sides.

Secure Print and Account Track Options. To safeguard your documents in the digital era and track usage by account, user or department.

High-speed Super G3 Fax option. Super G3 transmission/reception, Internet Fax and IP Address Fax functionality, broadcasting, program dialing and other advanced features -- plus an optional 2nd phone line for increased fax input/output capability.

Assistant Tool. Enables the bizhub C200 business multifunction printer to perform address registration.