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Lanier LW411

Introducing the Lanier LW411 Wide Format Digital Imaging System. Its small footprint delivers the cutting-edge performance you’ve come to expect only from outside vendors or centralized repro departments. It empowers your staff to copy, print, scan and e-mail documents themselves, boosting productivity and improving turnarounds.

·  Space-saving single footprint
·  Simple to Use Touch Screen Control Panel
·  600 dpi resolution, and 256 Levels of gray scale
·  Extensive image editing
·  Sorting (rotate sorting for up to 18" x 24")
·  Automatic synchronized cutting
·  Copy speed of 8 ppm, and scan speed of 3.93 ips
·  Less than two-minute warm up time
·  Two rolls of paper standard, optional third roll and fourth roll drawer or optional paper cassette trays(2)
·  Stamping and image overlay
·  Document server temporary storage for on-demand reprinting
·  Optional embedded scanner (Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-Folder)
·  Multiple clients/drivers(PLOTCLIENT Win; PLOTCLIENT Web; HDI/ADI, Mac, Unix, Windows Drivers) on client workstation
·  Optional scanning software (SCANTOOL) - advanced scanning image editing, merging archving
·  Optional DWG/DXF/DWF - Scan to DWF; Print DWG files directly without the AutoCAD application
·  CGM option prints computer graphic metafiles
·  Print queue management + (PLOTBASE on PC Server - Purchase Separately)
Configuration - Console
Paper Source - Two (2) Rolls (standard) Paper Cassette Trays (2) (optional) Two Roll Paper Drawer (optional)
Copier Features - Auto magnification selection, Auto paper selection, Backlit touch screen control panel, Combine originals 2 in 1, 4 in 1, 8 in 1, Document Server: Stores up to 375 D-size documents, Editing capabilties: Erase, Format Overlay, Image Shift, Margin, Adjustment, Mirroring, Negative/Positive, Partial copy emergency Stop/Interupt mode, Job Program (10 jobs), Original types, Background line, Drawing, Generation, Pasted Original, Text/Photo, Proof Copy, Stamp: Preset (8), Custom (4), Page, Date
Warm-Up Time - Less than 2 minutes
First Copy - 25 sec. (E-size)
Copying Speed - 8 cpm/ppm (D size); 4.5 cpm/ppm (E size); 3.93 ips
Resolution - 600 x 600 dpi
Grayscales - 256 levels
Grayscale Printing - 2 levels
Reduction/Enlargement - 16 presets: Zoom 25% to 200% in 0.1% increments; 200% to 400% in 0.2% increments
Multiple Copies - 1-99
Copying/Printing Process - Electrophotographic printing
Cutting Method - Auto Synchronized, Preset, Variable
Standard Memory - 1GB
Standard Hard Drive - 80 GB
Standard - Interface to external PC for RW480 Controller
Original/Copy Size - Maximum: 36” x 590” (49’); Minimum: 8 1/2” x 7”; 36” x 78” bypass
Original Exits - Top, Top-Rear Curled; Rear Straight Path
Copy Exits - Front: Capacity 99D sheets paper; Rear: 10 E Sheets
Power Source - 120V/60Hz; 20A
Dimensions - 50" x 30" x 47"
Weight - 507 lbs.