“CTWP brings the Easy Button to the digital office world.  Whether it is changing a drum, upgrading software, or even removing a dead mouse they are here to help.  The machine itself is incredibly fast.  We are able to output thousands of sheets in much less time than expected.  The only function we haven’t been able to get this machine to do is make coffee, which we’re pretty sure is just because we haven’t found the right button yet.  It is truly a fantastic multi-purpose workhorse with the capability to scan, copy, print, fold, collate and so much more.”

Rebecka Magness Marketing Director, Gandy Ink 


“We are very pleased with CTWP and how they assisted us in transitioning from Xerox to Konica Minolta.  CTWP is always available for support and go above and beyond to help or trouble shoot any problems that arise.”

Renee Setser Corsicana ISD Corsicana, Texas