CTWP Service Department

Professional Service. Satisfied Customers.

Company-wide, over 50 people are employed as technicians and support personnel; many have over 20 years of experience with CTWP alone. CTWP prides itself in providing quality, prompt, and professional service from the time a call is placed to the time the call is completed.

For service, give us a call: (800) 460-2897



CTWP invests in a factory-trained staff so that they are completely up-to-date on all of the latest office technology. An additional investment involves training the CUSTOMER. When a product is purchased from CTWP, the sale isn’t simply closed and forgotten. The new equipment will be tested before it arrives. When service technicians arrive on site, they don’t just hook up a machine and leave. Key personnel are thoroughly trained and  will answer any questions about your new equipment to insure a smooth installation.


Before the Sale

Service begins even before equipment is purchased from CTWP. Application specialists work with the customer and sales department to insure the proper product. CTWP technicians and sales staff provide a complete and customized demonstration for buyers.

After the Sale

CTWP guarantees a response within 4½ business hours of a customer call. Since this is a local company, the service technician and the parts are dispatched from the nearest facility. The service technician arrives at the right time, with the right part, and the right skills to handle any problem.